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In This Section

The I AM AAA campaign celebrates our diverse community of anthropologists who represent 40 specialized sections that work as one to advance knowledge and solve human problems.

Are you a proud, active member of one of the AAA's sections? If so, we'd love to highlight you in the I AM AAA campaign.

I AM AAA Contributor Information

* = Required

*First Name(s):

*Last Name(s): (enter first and last name as you wish them to appear in print)

Professional Designations:
(include professional degrees, student status ex. PhD Candidate, Undergraduate Student etc.)

*Institutional Affiliation:

*Section Affiliation:


*Now is the time to let everyone know about your love of anthropology and your section! Tell us who you are, your anthropological field of practice, and how your section has impacted your career/anthropological practice. Be sure to begin or end your statement with “I AM AAA”. (500 character limit):

Upload Photo(s)

Two headshot photos may be uploaded as jpg, png, gif, or tiff files. We ask that the photos highlight your full face and that there are no obstructions such as dark sunglasses. We recommend submitting high resolution images, up to 10 MB. If you choose to submit lower resolution files for review purposes, please be sure that higher resolution versions are available.

*Upload photo 1:

Upload photo 2:

Rights and Permissions

By submitting this form, you are agreeing to the following conditions. Please check the boxes to confirm that you have reviewed them.

*I confirm that I am an active AAA member and an active member of the section that I have selected.

*I confirm that I have permission from all people featured in the photo(s) to distribute their image in print and online, or permission from their guardians if they are minors.

*I grant AAA permission to display, publish and otherwise use my photograph(s) and supporting text. I understand that I retain copyright to the photograph(s) I have submitted. Photographs maybe published in Anthropology News, posted online and displayed as prints at the Annual Meeting. AAA may also choose to use photographs in other venues, such as brochures, posters or flyers. The creator of this work hereby grants the AAA a nonexclusive license to display and use the work in all means of electronic and print media, whether hosted by AAA or as part of AAA's official participation with another legal entity. The signer represents and warrants that he or she is the sole creator of the work named above or, if the material is jointly created, that each of the creators has authorized the signer to act as his or her agent in agreeing to the terms and making representation herein stated; that the material is original and has not heretofore been published (except that it may have been circulated informally for limited distribution); that the material does not infringe on any statutory copyright, common law right, proprietary right, or any other right whatsoever; and that the material is innocent and contains no matter that is scandalous, obscene, libelous, or otherwise contrary to law. If the material has been previously published in whole or in part in a copyrighted medium, the creator of this work guarantees to submit a statement of permission for use to the AAA. If you, acting for yourself and as the authorized agent of any and all other creators of the material, agree to the terms herein stated, please indicate your agreement by checking the relevant box provided above.

Please take a moment to review your testimonial and photos before uploading your entry. This information will not be editable once submitted.

Please click the submit button only once. Please be patient, your photos are uploading. For your convenience, a confirmation page will appear when this process is complete. You will also receive a confirmation message at the email address listed above.

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